10th Year Celebration News Coverage with Aaj No Yug

It is a great feeling to see that we are finally able to see that the seed we planted and nurtured has finally grown, it is still a long long way to go but still these last 10 years were an amazing journey and we are grateful for all that we learnt and added in these years.
The fashion show we are organizing on 14th September is a tribute to 10 years journey of Vedic. It is a mixed bag collection where we are trying to give a glimpse of our new launch Atharva as well as the upcoming festival collection of Vedic. So it will be a mix of many flavours.
Our biggest USP is our product and we take great pride in showcasing it, we are thus showcasing a wide range of our products

Reason behind launching the new brand “Atharva”?
We want to bring fashion to each and every home and each and every city of the country. Atharva is our initiative to make fashion for everyone. We believe that Indian women are most beautiful, it is our tribute to that beauty. We want to bring smile on every women’s face when her beauty is enhanced by our product. Atharva is high quality but low value asthetically designed Kurtis with mix and match

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