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Not exactly ethnic, and not hard and fast Western, the brand toes a barely recognizable difference between the two schools of dressing.

Vedic is a festival of life and specialty - an audacious variety of prints. tones, fabrics and textures. While layering years of traditions in an essence unmatched by any other brand, Vedic aims at continuously refreshing its collection with newer silhouettes and ensembles.

Fusion Wear Love

We at Vedic accept craftsmanship is an extravagant combination of inventiveness and high quality hand abilities

  • Combination event wear clothing that oozes excitement and class.
  • Western outlines with distinctive Indian itemizing, textures, and embellishments.
  • Female complimenting, agreeable and insightfully created for the Indian ladies of today.

Vedic is known for it’s contemporary translation of the rich, conventional art procedures and the advancements reflect in its style assortments, making a special plan maxim and personality for the brand. Through its creative utilization of conventional artworks, Vedic observes Indian lady with a contemporary way of life Vedic lady is a worldwide resident, She doesn't grasp the old lines among western and Indian wear as she has experienced childhood in a globalized India. As far as she might be concerned, sprucing up is a type of sell-articulation and she prefers garments that mirror her imagination and her blended character.

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